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Der Weg ist das Ziel. Ankommen werden Sie mit dem Unimog sowieso. exzellenter Liebe für's Detail.

Für's offene Gelände gebaut.

Frösche haben Augen. - Unimog's auch.

Konservierte Originalteile.


Ursprung und Leidenschaft.

unbenannt 263 von 277Efficient, sustainable, modern and above all "just in time"...

Special challenges are our bread and butter – why not give us a try?

With approx. 20,000 spare parts stored in our 5,000 m² warehouse, there's no mistaking our commitment.

Visit us in Wuppertal and see for yourself our extensive stock!

Simply make an appointment for a tour/sales visit using our contact form.


unbenannt 251 von 277Thanks to hard work and superb long-standing business partnerships, we also have global access to approx. 900 tons of used and new spare parts for Unimogs and MB-tracs.

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