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kwr-2One thought – One concept – One product.
Our cooling water regulator | thermostat is a very versatile product that is protected under the German Federal Utility Model (DBGM). Its land and water-based applications include:

- Mercedes-Benz OM 636 engines (in the cooling water expansion tank or beside the power unit)
- Tugboats/tractors (e.g. IHC, Deutz-Fahr, Fahr, Fendt, Hanomag, Steyr, Massey Ferguson, Eicher, Case, Kramer, Güldner, Mc Cormick, etc.)
- Mercedes-Benz W 136 and Mercedes-Benz 170
- Vintage Bugatti vehicles
- Forklifts
- Steamships
- Tank starter engines

An ingenious, efficient, smart and modern invention catering to your needs.
The benefits for you:
kwr-3+ Cooling water regulator housing is made of two halves bolted together with fine thread.
+ The excellent quality and workmanship guarantee a long service life.
+ In the event of technical defects, only the thermostat need be replaced.
+ It promptly pays back for itself.
+ The product is "Made in Germany".
+ Competent advice from the product developer.
+ Customers having their ears bent by babbling specialists – not with us!

If you are interested in our product, we will need the following information from you:
- Vehicle type
- Inner diameter/tube or desired outer diameter of the thermostat input/output, measurement in millimetres (mm).
- Option of a bypass, measurement in millimetres (mm).
- The control module opening temperature.

The cooling water regulator | thermostat | CWR with a bypass is made to measure and manufactured individually for you, entirely to suit your needs.