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Der Weg ist das Ziel. Ankommen werden Sie mit dem Unimog sowieso. exzellenter Liebe für's Detail.

Für's offene Gelände gebaut.

Frösche haben Augen. - Unimog's auch.

Konservierte Originalteile.


Ursprung und Leidenschaft.

UNIMOG beyond.
The UNIMOG is far more than a UNIversal MOtor Gerät.

The passion for function and technology of the UNIMOG are not only for us
a fascination, but a dogma.
The competence and professionalism of the mogworld Company begins with a detailed consultation and ends
according to experience ... actually never.
For UNIMOG enthusiasts, our company is a time-traveled journey through all UNIMOG epochs.
From the Böhringer (cornerstone / concept UNIMOG) to rare UNIMOG series in factory condition.

We are selling UNIMOG Spare parts | Vehicles | Restorations
Worldwide and we are repairing UNIMOG engines, axles, and gearboxes.

Our common goal:
Your UNIMOG is put into the state you want, contemporary original condition,
special conversion or partial restoration.
Talk to us, we are here to serve you.

Idea - concept - strategy - implementation - integrity.Unimog416Doka

Perfection can be planned.









Your mogworld-Team